Sunday, 16 December 2018

All good things come to an end

Six months have gone by already. The last days of my deployment are being quite intense: farewell party, last lessons, interview for the local television, goodbye hugs, presents… so many presents I have to leave with a second suitcase! But who would complain about that?

I was invited to give an interview about this conversation group for women that we just started implementing with Francisca. The first session was about difficulties encountered with periods, the second session about sexual consent. We realized that those topics were quite taboo here and wanted to create an intimate and safe area where women could exchange about their intimate life.

I was sad to learn that schools were under quarantine for my last week, since it would prevent me from saying goodbye to the students I taught for a few months. But they made me the beautiful surprise of coming to my office to have tea with me and we had a proper goodbye.

This English class of beginners I teach on Saturday also made me a beautiful surprise on my last class and offered me a decorated Ukrainian plate to never forget Ukrainian delicious cuisine.

And at last but not least, the ones that I want to thank the most, my great colleagues. I was extremely happy to work by your side on an everyday basis, and to discover your culture and way of life - that I truly appreciate. Thanks for miming every word that I did not know (a lot!) and to be patient while explaining me stuff. Thanks for welcoming me with such opened arms Masha, Sasha, Rusana, Julia, Svetlana, Irina - and Milan, Tata & Maxime for welcoming me in the Bus! I will never forget this amazing experience. And many thanks to Veronika and Janika (Mondo) for making all of this possible!

I would also like to thank Martin and Kelli for the Video they made of my mission here. You can find a link of the video here if you want to see what my life looked like in Severodonetsk.

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